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Youth Canada Goose Chilliwack Navy Ireland Sale

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Identification All red bellied woodpeckers show a black and white barred back, white uppertail coverts, grayish white underparts, black chevrons on the lower flanks and undertail coverts, and barred central tail feathers. In flight a small white patch shows at the base of the primaries. Adult male: entire crown, from bill to nape, is red; there is a suffusion of pink or red on the center of the belly. Adult female: red on the head is limited to nasal tufts (just above the bill) and nape; wash of color on the belly is paler, less extensive. In rare individual females, the nape and nasal tufts can be yellow orange instead of red. Juvenile: resembles adults but duller, with red nasal tuft and nape patches lacking; bill is brownish (black in adults).

Bellied Woodpecker Pictures

The red bellied woodpecker is the familiar zebra backed woodpecker of eastern woodlands and towns. Monotypic (or up to 4 weakly defined ssp. sometimes recognized). Length 9" (24 cm).

Population Generally stable. The red bellied has expanded its range northward in the Great Lakes region and New England over the last century and is also expanding northwestward in the Great Plains.

Voice In breeding season, the red bellied gives a rolling churrr; it also gives also a conversational chiv chiv; softer than calls of the golden fronted woodpecker. Drum: a simple roll of up to a second, with about 19 beats per second.

Similar Species Compare with the golden fronted woodpecker, which has solid black central rectrices, lacks pink or red on the belly, and has a different pattern of color on the head.

Status and Distribution Common in the Men Canada Goose Freestyle Vest Navy Sale Ireland Southeast, uncommon to fairly common in the Northeast, Midwest, and Great Plains. Year round: Pine and hardwood forests, open woodlands, suburbs and parks. Small populations exist west to southeastern North Dakota, central South Dakota, and northeastern Colorado. Dispersal: not migratory, but at least some individuals in northern range withdraw southward in fall. Vagrant: wanders casually north to central Ontario, southern Quebec, Maine, and the maritime provinces of Canada and west to eastern New Mexico; accidental in southeastern Wyoming, Idaho, and Saskatchewan.

Men Canada Goose Freestyle Vest Navy Sale Ireland

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While spring is the busiest time of the year for Hower migratory bird specialists, they do have several clients who use their services year around for geese that do not migrate.

Much like K 9 police dogs, the company dogs live with their handlers. They are purchased young from breeders in Ohio because they are good listeners.

Canada Goose Thompson Jacket Sale Ireland

"They K 9 patrol for geese," said Gayle Bartosh, an employee at St. John Medical Center in Westlake who walks the path in the mornings.

"The public is so thankful to be able to use the clean soccer fields and walk down the park paths without dodging goose droppings," said Diane Corrao, director of Avon parks and recreation.

Avenbury Lakes use Ohio Geese Control's dogs to help herd fowl out of way

Jeff Hower, owner of Ohio Geese Control, said his company mission is to safely, effectively and humanely manage geese populations.

As the goose population in urban areas grows, so does the quantity of their droppings. One goose produces one to two pounds of droppings a day.

"The geese hate to see Joff, but people visiting the park love to see him at work. He is graceful, fast and he loves his job," said Becky Lee, a migratory bird specialist for Ohio Geese Control.

Handlers, with their dogs in tow, travel to service their client properties two to three times a day, seven days a week, keeping mating pairs from building nests and laying eggs.

One of the popular canine workers on the OGC team is Joff.

After working with border collies as a golf course superintendent, Hower purchased Nick, a border collie, from the course to start his own business in 2006.

Border collies have an inherent nature to herd, making them the perfect dogs for the job. This innate ability, when coupled with whistles and verbal commands, reinforces their usefulness.

The droppings can carry diseases and affect the water quality of ponds and streams not to mention presenting a slippery mess for humans in the area.

During nesting, geese become violent toward humans because they are protecting their eggs. Each goose can lay six to 10 eggs each year, and they have a 20 year life span.

Ohio Geese Control services corporate facilities, hospitals, public parks, communities, Canada Goose Thompson Jacket Sale Ireland airports, marinas and golf courses in Cleveland, Akron/Canton, Sandusky and Toledo.

In the distance, the frantic honk honk honk can be heard as the Canada goose warns the others there is a predator in their midst. There is no predator, but the black and white border collies used by Ohio Geese Control, a Rocky River based company, keep the geese moving as effectively as wolves.

In addition to multiple sweeps to harass the birds, OGC uses remote control speedboats to keep the birds out of the water.

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Bell says service charges billed in advance are not refunded when you cancel your agreement. This means you continue paying until the end of the billing period, despite getting no service.

That made sense to me. Who wants to be billed by two phone suppliers Buy Men Canada Goose Chateau Parka Tan Online for overlapping days in the monthly billing cycle?

Videotron, owned by Quebecor Media, has asked the CRTC to stop Bell from billing customers after they cancel. The application will be heard later this year.

Stephen Sayers had a different experience with Bell Mobility, which charged him for 12 days of service after he had ported two phone lines to Cityfone.

Buy Men Canada Goose Chateau Parka Tan Online

Responding to Maker, Laszlo said Bell complied with the wireless code, which prohibits 30 day cancellation notices. "But as CRTC staff have said, the intention of the code is not to ensure that a customer receives a prorated refund for prepaid services."

My July invoice from Rogers said, "If you cancelled a service since your last bill, you'll see we credited your account for the days you didn't use the service last month."

"I cancelled my contract Oct. 30, yet was billed until Nov. 11," Sayers said. "When the code says a contract expires on the day I call to cancel, doesn't the contract expire?"

The Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services, a member funded mediator, deals with customer issues arising from the wireless code. What does it think of Bell's response?

In materials posted online, Telus supports Bell's position. It says neither the wireless code nor subsequent CRTC decisions require providers to issue refunds for a partial month when they bill in advance.

"A pernicious, persistent and prohibited cash grab," say the Consumers Association of Canada and the Public Interest Advocacy Centre, two groups that support Videotron's position.

Why pernicious? Most people learn of the practice only after they switch to a new provider and find charges from the old provider billed to their credit card or debited from their bank account.

Yes, the contract does expire as soon as you cancel. But your provider can still charge you for the remaining days in your monthly billing cycle.

"We explained our policy to Mr. Sayers, referred him to the applicable sections of the terms of service and, as a goodwill gesture, refunded the amount in question ($25)," spokesman Jason Laszlo said.

"Our analysis would likely be that Bell did not have the right to charge Mr. Sayers for the period from Oct. 30 to Nov. 11," said CCTS commissioner Howard Maker.

It undermines competitive forces to bill consumers for a service they have terminated, Leger said. By adding a cost to switching, this practice can create a disincentive to consider other options in the future.

I think the CRTC was not clear enough about its intentions in getting rid of the 30 day notice provision first in wireless contracts and later in telephone, Internet and TV contracts.

Bell customer charged after cellphone contract ends

"Notwithstanding the suggestion in Mr. Laszlo's email that Bell can charge this fee because its terms of service say that it can, the wireless code prevails over the provider's terms of service."

"At this point, the consumer faces the daunting task of pursuing compensation from a service provider with which the consumer may no longer have any business relationship," said the two groups' counsel, Jean Francois Leger, in a letter to the CRTC.

The CRTC wireless code, which took effect December 2013, requires mobile providers to end a contract as soon as customers notify them of their intent to leave.

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SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileOn Thursday evening, a relatively unknown 21 year old Tumblr user asked the internet for help in resolving an argument over the colour scheme of a $77 dress worn by her friend's mother. "Me and my friends can't agree and we are freaking the f out."The image included in that post went on to become one of the most quickly and widely shared viral images the world of social media has ever witnessed, dominating Tumblr dashboards, Twitter timelines and Facebook newsfeeds within just hours of being uploaded. ET post asking readers whether the dress was black and blue or gold and white.That post has now been seen nearly 30 million times in less than 24 hours."I definitely can't recall the last time I saw a single meme trend so powerfully so quickly," said viral content expert Neetzan Zimmerman (of Gawker fame) to Motherboard in reference to a tweet in which Women Canada Goose Solaris Parka Red Sale Ireland he had called the dress trend 'the viral singularity.' "I honestly don't know what I would compare it to."Some have tried likening TheDress to Kim Kardashian's infamous "internet breaking" butt photo, but when it comes to the volume of social shares the two trends don't even begin to compare.Just over 300,000 tweets containing the terms "Kardashian" or "BreakTheInternet" were shared within 24 hours of Kim K's provocative photo being published.Less than 24 hours after Buzzfeed posted about the blue and black / gold and white controversy, "TheDress" alone has more than 1.4 million tweets, dozens of them from high profile celebrity accounts with millions of followers themselves.Unlike Kardashian's well teased nudes (or any trend born out of Super Bowl, Oscar or election coverage for that matter,) this dress came straight out of left field.Nobody was expecting an image of a dress from Tumblr to go viral last night, especially after the internet had already blessed us with a high speed (okay, medium speed) llama chase.But with many marketing agencies now offering 24/7 around the clock services (and their clients presumably making someone available for approvals outside the 9 5 block) this humble Tumblr dress prompted more branded tweets than any viral phenom we've ever seen before.At this point, it's safe to say that the majority of hardcore Twitter users are sick of seeing "rapid response social media marketing" tweets from brands and with good reason. I mean, It's been two years since the Oreo Super Bowl tweet guys. Step it up.Nearly every major corporate attempt to capitalize on a viral trend is now met with at least some degree of mockery, derision, or straight up contempt on Twitter not to mention the amount of snarky blog posts and "social media fail" pieces they inspire.

Attempt by brands to capitalize on

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YOu mean the government regulators who are being cut back on? Whose funds are being denied them by congressmen bought by the drug companies? By the obfuscation of companies trying to hide or pad data, or bury it under reams of unimportant information? WHo don have the money to pursue legal ramifications and duties to the public?

Take a look at the SEC. Goldman Sachs spends more maintaining and upgrading its tech then the entire SEC budget.

It not all about government corruption, you know. It pure political chicanery.

There are indeed issues with the company for a long time, however just as bad is thee constant negative dehumanizing portrayal of thalidomiders as again evident in this commentary.

Deception was the pattern for Chemie Grnenthal. On May 2, 1958, Dr. Augustin Peter Blasiu, who was retained by the company, published the results of using Contergan on 370 patients of whom 160 were nursing (not expectant) mothers: "Side effects were not observed either with mothers or babies." Grnenthal distorted Dr. Blasiu's careful report with a cunning promotional letter giving the impression he had tested Contergan on expectant mothers (my italics):

There is, however, a major and tragic irony in blaming insufficient animal testing for the disaster: more animal testing would not have prevented the release of thalidomide, since very few species suffer birth defects or other adverse effects in response to the drug. The Office of Health Economics concluded that: "It is unlikely that specific tests in pregnant animals would have given the necessary warning: the right species would probably never have been used."

It is 39 years since, as editor of the Sunday Times of London in the early seventies, I was associated with thalidomide investigations. Our survey of the scientific literature, consultations with reputable pharmaceutical companies and independent specialist advice swiftly found that reproductive studies were routinely done in the 1950s, because it was widely recognized that a drug could indeed reach the fetus. The tranquilizers in direct competition with thalidomide were all tested for teratogenic effects and the results published. If reproductive tests had been done on thalidomide, they would not necessarily have shown precisely what deformities would be produced, dependent on the time of ingestion in relation to the development of the fetus, but they would certainly have shown that drugs could endanger unborn children in some way.

Governments have to varying degrees and very slowly tried to fill the compensation gap left by the inadequacy of drug companies payments. The real scandal on government inaction into failing to investigate the disaster in 1962 is one I have highlighted many, many times but most recently in My Paper Chase. This abdication of a clear public duty is the reason desperate families were forced to sue the drug makers, and were failed by the legal system another scandal.

Women Canada Goose Resolute Parka Black Ireland

Posted by jledbet Report as abusive

The apology for the tragedy has come from Grnenthal chief executive, Harald Stock, who at the end of last month stood outside the company's Rhineland offices in the small town of Stolberg to unveil a bronze sculpture of a thalidomide child with foreshortened "flipper" arms. "We ask for forgiveness that for nearly 50 years we didn't find a way of reaching out to you, human being to human being."

We went to see the pharmacologists. An investigative reporter visited the laboratories of Hoffman LaRoche in New Jersey, producers of Librium, Valium and Mogadon, and checked their records. Reproductive testing had been routine since 1944. So, too, with Lederle, Burroughs Wellcome, Pfizer, SmithKline and ICI in Britain. Dr. G. "Any ICI drug likely to be used by pregnant women would have certainly been tested for its effect on pregnant animals." All this we published in the newspaper and in books.

Grnenthal made much of subjecting thalidomide "to the usual battery of investigations," but even its animal tests for toxicity conducted by Dr. Mckter with associates Kunz and Keller were perfunctory. In 1965, scientists at the University of Stockholm reported: "The number of animal experiments in the toxicity test were far too small; because of this a low frequency of side effects could not be detected, even though these are important for a sedative like thalidomide and very necessary if the substance is to be declared unpoisonous. The conventional toxicological and pharmacological tests are most unsatisfactory. Kunz, Keller and Mckter tried to hoodwink the reader by creating a false impression of the scope of their tests."

In pregnancy and during birth the female organism is under great stress. Sleeplessness, unrest and tension are constant complaints. The prescription of a sedative and hypnotic that will hurt neither the mother nor child is therefore often necessary.

PHOTOS: Thalidomide victim Tony Melendez is shown in an undated file photo at age 4 while attending a therapy program at the University of California. REUTERS/File Swiss National Councilor Christian Lohr speaks during a debate in the National Council during the spring parliament session in Bern, March 8, 2012. Lohr was born with disabilities due to a drug based on thalidomide. REUTERS/Michael Buholzer

Blasiu did not see this material before a mass mailing. He condemned the Grnenthal letter as "unfair, irresponsible and misleading." His anger made no difference.

It is a big lie, a particularly offensive lie, coming as it doesfrom the German company Chemie Grnenthal responsible for inflicting its notorious drug thalidomide on hundreds of thousands of women in 52 countries. Some 90,000 babies are calculated to have died in spontaneous abortion, but at least10,000 mothers are known to have given birth to malformed babies between 1958 and 1961;the most damaged survive todayas limbless trunks, others whose legs and arms were reducedto digital "flipper" extrusions from the shoulder, and thousands have severe internal injuries as well.

Posted by REDruin Report as abusive

Grnenthal (now GmbH) was a small private company set up after World War Two as an offshoot of an old family firm that made soaps and detergents. Its first pharmaceuticals were produced under foreign license, but thalidomide (which it called Contergan) was its own, a sedative discovered by accident in the spring of 1954 by a 32 year old chemist and doctor, Heinrich Mckter. To exploit the postwar sleeping pill boom, Grnenthal marketed it massively from October 1957 as "completely safe," "completely atoxic," and free of the unpleasant side effects of barbiturates. The sales department called it "the apple of our eye" because it was so profitable. From 1958 to 1961 they zeroed in on promoting it for use by expectant mothers.

Stock might merit forgiveness for an occasional oversight, or a clinical mistake, but Grnenthal, hungry for profits from selling millions of pills, would never face up to what it had done. Even before releasing the drug in October of 1957, it knew that one of its employees had given birth to a baby without ears, a red alert it ignored. From the very earliest days, it brushed aside medical complaints in increasing numbers that their wonder sedative caused peripheral neuritis, irreversible damage to the nervous systems of adults. It suppressed or delayed unfavorable reports about this from doctors by pressuring medical journals, it lied to inquiring doctors, it bribed others to write favorable reports when they had done no testing at all. For four months after an Australian obstetrician connected birth defects with thalidomide, the company continued to sell their poison to mothers, and the mothers produced more malformed babies.

Hoodwinked is strong language for an academic document but mild by comparison with the German trial judges' summation on Grnenthal testing. "Negligent, misleading, inexcusable, very inadequate by the standards of the day The overall behaviour publicly shown by the company did not correspond with the standards required of a serious and conscientious producer of pharmaceuticals."

The emotion and apparent sincerity were appealing, but in the next breath he made forgiveness impossible. "Grnenthal acted," he said, "in accordance with the state of scientific knowledge and all industry standards for testing new drugs that were relevant and acknowledged in the 1950s and 1960s." That was flatly untrue, a product of either deep rooted cynicism, belying his whole apology, or of appalling ignorance. Grnenthal has propagated the big lie for 50 years, retailing the notion that reproductive tests were unnecessary because nobody could possibly have realized in the fifties that a drug could penetrate the placental barrier and reach the fetus. (Stock and the company did not respond to requests for comment on these charges.)

The ATF? If they are lucky, they can get into an inspect a gun store once every seven years.

You think Health Women Canada Goose Resolute Parka Black Ireland officials have it any easier?

Grnenthal did no single animal test for effects on reproduction, nor did its licensees in 11 European nations and in 7 African, 17 Asian and 11 countriesin the Americas selling thalidomide under different trade names. They were led to believe that Grnenthal had done that. In the United States, some 2.5 million doses were distributed, targeting pregnant women, without evidence from a single reproductive test.

A few months ago I attended a reunion in London of several hundred British victims. I was moved by their bravery, by their ingenuity and resolve in making the best of their handicapped lives, too many of their bodies failing under the strains. I recognize that Grnenthal has made some monetary compensation, though it is not enough to ensure the very worst affected victims everywhere receive appropriate lifetime care, deprived as they increasingly are by loving parents. But money will not buy absolution. The company should come clean. It must at last dedicate itself to exploring and publicizing the origins of the greatest drug disaster. Thalidomide was incubated in ignorance, fueled by haste, propelled by reckless greed, concealed by deceit. unclouded face of truth must no longer suffer wrong.

big lie overshadows corporate apology

babies between 1958 and 1961; the most damaged survive today as limbless trunks, others whose legs and arms were reduced to digital "flipper" extrusions from the shoulder, and thousands have severe internal injuries as well. very public dehumanizing portrayal of thalidomiders very likely was and is one of the main reasons for many challenges parentd and thalidomiders faced and face.

The company, in short, covered up a crime against humanity for more than 60 years.

A powerful and moving article as is the book, Suffer the Children. Many congratulations to Sir Harold Evans and the Sunday Times Insight Team for their brilliant expose of this terrible tragedy.

Cheap Women Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber Light Grey Ireland

He added: "However, it is still a long way from the glory days which lasted more than 50 years and only really ended in the 1980s when the mills got involved in price cutting and other short term measures.

Chief executive Ian Angus MacKenzie said Harris Tweed Hebrides had just had its biggest single order from the US since the company started in 2007.

"But I think year on year we have seen that business come back.

"Canada itself used to be a huge market and the potential is still there.

Cheap Women Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber Light Grey Ireland

based Harris Tweed firm targets US and Canada

She told BBC Alba: "Various things happened through the 1980s due to import issues and price wars between the different mills that really weren't helpful.

Harris Tweed Hebrides, which accounts for 90% of production, has teamed up with an international advertising firm in an effort to resurrect the market.

"The more people are reminded of the heritage, style and quality of Harris Tweed the better, so we think this new initiative can be a really useful tool."

"People are looking for style, looking for quality and looking for Cheap Women Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber Light Grey Ireland heritage and all of those things Harris Tweed can offer."

The Shawbost based company and agency Leo Burnett will promote sales using social media.

Margaret MacLeod, Harris Tweed Hebrides market development director, said there was potential demand for the fabric in North America.

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Big chill in Churchill

arieal flight surveys confirm the eastern Arctic has no sign of spring so far."I have lived in Churchill since the 1950s, and this the latest spring I have ever seen here," said local resident Pat Penwarden. "The spring of 1962 was almost this bad."Six foot snowdrifts blocked Churchill area roads. A thick blanket of snow, in Men Canada Goose Heli Arctic Parka Black Outlet Ireland places three and four feet deep, coated 90 per cent of the local taiga in northern Manitoba. Ecotourists, who normally flock to northern Manitoba every June to see birds and other wildlife, cancelled their plans this June "in droves," according to local ecotourist specialists. Snowy conditions are largely to blame."It is like a winter landscape," said Ruth Baker, a Michigan tourist who spent June 9 to 12 at Churchill. Canada geese are the first birds to nest in northern Manitoba. "For awhile at least this will be the shape of things to come."Vegetation is also impacted upon by late Arctic springs, with green up about three weeks late this year.

Men Canada Goose Heli Arctic Parka Black Outlet Ireland

Canada Goose Expedition Parka Ireland

Since puppy drums prefer the relative safety of shallower estuarine waters, where they can eat zooplankton, small crabs and shrimp, Chesapeake fishermen mostly catch them along tributary shorelines and back country marshes. They'll hit topwater plugs, soft plastics and spinnerbaits. I prefer colors resembling minnows, mullet and peanut bunker. Smokey white or pearl, or bone also catch, but when the water is stained or when you're fishing in overcast conditions, copper and orange, electric chicken and other contrasting color combos are a better choice.

DAY OF CELEBRATION: Celebrate National Hunting and Fishing Day with the Department of Natural Resources on Sept. 24.

(Chris D. Dollar)

Through Oct. 8: Mourning Dove Season. Daily bag limit is 15. Possession limit is 45 birds. Shooting hours are noon to sunset.

If you're a regular visitor to this column then you've no doubt read about and seen photos of the impressive bull red drums that many anglers have caught this summer. Some have truly been fish of a lifetime.

Canada Goose Expedition Parka Ireland

Oct. 15 22: First Split of Regular Duck Season. Max. six ducks, no more than four mallards (only two hens), three wood ducks, two scaup, two redheads. No black ducks.

Lost in the discussion has been the juveniles and sub adults what we call puppy drum. That's understandable, especially since this year's skinny water bite doesn't come close to that of several years ago, when we routinely caught them in Eastern Bay, South River and other places. Even so, your best bet to land one remains during these next several weeks.

It was a somewhat quirky week of fishing, at least for me. Found fish but just not the size and species I was after. My success echoed the numerous reports I've received: Small, undersized rockfish far outnumber keepers, decent bluefish when you can find them and the last of the Spanish mackerel.

So how are red drum doing today? According to the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission, the last complete Benchmark Stock Assessment conducted in 2009 found the Atlantic population to be in good condition. An updated stock assessment due out last year has been delayed, however, by what the ASMFC calls "difficulties in transitioning the new modeling framework."

Sept. 24: CCA MD's fourth annual "Red Trout Catch Release" tournament. Awards ceremony at American Legion, Crisfield MD.

It was a somewhat quirky week of fishing, at least for me. Found fish but just not the size and species I was after. My success echoed the numerous reports I've received: Small, undersized rockfish far outnumber keepers, decent bluefish when you can find them and the last of the Spanish mackerel.

When it comes to specific lures, your options might induce sensory overload. and Gulp! shrimp patterns, topwater plugs like Heddon's Super Spook Jr. or MirroLure's twitch baits as well as various swim shads and spinnerbaits like Redfish Magic and Bass Assassin's Red Daddy. I have never had any luck with a popping cork, however. I probably throw 3 to 4 inch curly tailed or paddle tailed soft plastics most often. Flies tied on No. 2 to 1/0 hooks in the Clouser tradition with crab or shrimp coloration catch, too. Of course you cannot go wrong with soft crab, but to my mind that's an offering best served up with french fries.

Whatever lure I go with, I almost always choose one that's four inches or shorter. I think that size more closely resembles a panicked baitfish or careless shrimp. I will also fish it slower than I normally would for rockfish. And if it has some vibration built in, all the better.

Fishing Forecast: Red drum doesn't give up without a fight Chris D. Dollar

Canada Goose Expedition Parka Ireland

Best time of year to pursue puppy drum

Sept. 24: National Hunting and Fishing Day, hosted by DNR. at the Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore, 11518 Marriottsville Road.

Those interested in Maryland outdoors should consider attending the 10th annual National Hunting and Fishing Day, hosted by the Department of Natural Resources. at the Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore in Marriottsville, located at 11518 Marriottsville Road. More than 30 sportsman clubs, conservation groups and businesses will be on hand with numerous activities from hunting dog demonstrations to waterfowl calling to instructor led archery and target shooting for folks of all ages.

Fishery biologists are scheduled to present the 2016 assessment, with Canada Goose Expedition Parka Ireland additional analysis to ensure the results of the new model are accurate, to the Coastal Board at its meeting next month.

Cheap Women Canada Goose Freestyle Vest Blue Topaz Ireland

Cheap Women Canada Goose Freestyle Vest Blue Topaz Ireland

"Probably a little bit of both," said David Carter, executive director of the USC Sports Business Institute. "I thought it was fascinating. "It's the ultimate validation. It proves the shoes we created really work."

There are plenty of gym rats who would gladly shell out $300 for sleek looking high tops that could be the difference between getting to the rim and dunking on a playground adversary, between getting scored on and swatting a shot away and proclaiming, "Get that weak . out of my kitchen!"

Was the NBA ban a stroke of luck, or marketing genius?

But it was only when the National Basketball Association banned their $300 US shoes Oct. 19 because they might give players a competitive advantage they're supposed to instantly improve vertical leap that sales "went through the roof," say the 23 year old Los Angeles twins.

LOS ANGELES Adam and Ryan Goldston designed their spring loaded basketball shoes with the elite player in mind, hoping their products would eventually be worn and endorsed by the likes of Andrew Bynum and Blake Griffin.

"It went crazy. We expected it to be a big story, but nothing like this. We sold out size 13s, and a lot of other sizes are on the verge of selling out. We went Cheap Women Canada Goose Freestyle Vest Blue Topaz Ireland through a month's worth of stock in a week."

Basketball shoe sales skyrocket after NBA's ban

They won't for NBA players, nor will they for college teams that have other apparel or shoe contracts. But that's OK with the Goldstons, who helped Van Nuys Montclair Prep win the 2005 Southern Section 4 A basketball title and made the 2005 06 USC team as walk ons.