The task fell to Crewman Kevin Farnan, who said: "The only way to get there was to paddle on a sled on to the shore area .

With no other emergencies to deal with the team were happy to lend a hand and come to the rescue of the the bird, which could not yet fly, before the tide changed.

"We could get to the site which is pretty much where the old HMS Eaglet was.

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"As soon as we had it the mother went back to its family."

Baby Canada Goose Elijah Bomber Red Outlet Ireland

He added: "It was long, tiring work and a bit different."

In full body dry suits and despite the sweltering temperatures they came up with a plan to get the bird to safety.

"When we got there the bird's mother had come down to try and help it, but it looked like it had an injured leg.

"All I can say is it was a lively little thing. It had fallen because its wings hadn't developed.

It's thought that once the bird is fully recovered the RSPCA will release it back to its nest to rejoin its mother.

Steve Carder said: "We got the call at around 2.25pm when members of the public rang to say they had seen a gosling falling from the cattle sheds.

The RSPCA Baby Canada Goose Elijah Bomber Red Outlet Ireland picked up the bird from the crew's base on the King Edward Industrial Estate and are now treating it's injuries.

´╗┐Baby gosling which fell 30ft rescued

"There was a family of geese up there, two parents and some little ones.

"We could see they were struggling and that we had to get ashore to recover the bird."

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"I had to pick it up and take it back to the rest of the crew to head back to land.