"When you START paying taxes?" Buddy, I've been a homeowner and taxpayer in this town since the late 80s. So, if you're going to be patronizing and condescending here's a tip for you. At least be RIGHT. Fine, Mr. He also doesn't sound like a guy who files paperwork at a desk all day or stands around and leans on a shovel. The story wasn't about the "bloated city administration" maybe save your righteous taxpayer act or your sour grapes for a story that's appropriate.

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´╗┐Attractions at conservatory grow

JoeBush who peed in your cornflakes this morning? The man looks like he's overseen a remarkable transformation in the conservatory. The place has gone from a municipal afterthought to a very attractive place, which could be even SO much better if the City would ever commit to Buy Men Canada Goose Banff Parka Tan Ireland making a REAL effort to fix it up. He's offering the mulch for FREE to the public, fer cryin' out loud! Nice to see a manager working WITH the public for a change.