Stephen Hautchings oil and charcoal on canvas surf meeting the beach, The elegance of Structure, reamarbkly smooth looking, and amedicateion on the edges between land, sea and sky.

Bernier has delicious surfaces, bumpy and smoothed out. Her light shifts constantly for skies that are a saturated red or orange or yellow, turquoise, or even a bright green. La Tristesse des Anges is a soft, dreamy, detailed picture with tarry black eddies and blurred pale yellows and greens. You can lose yourself in these spaces.

Art, environment come together in Halifax exhibition

Photographer Doug van Hemessen, Nova Scotia stewardship co ordinator for the Nature Conservancy of Canada, focuses on the peace he finds in nature with a lovely photograph of an orange dawn reflected in water with flying ducks clarifying the division between sky and water.

Carol Bernier clouds and skies, inspired by a residency last July in Iceland, are stunning mixed media on Masonite paintings, very small and very large, at Studio 21, 1273 Hollis St., Halifax, to Feb. 12.

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Montreal artist Michael Smith impasto landscape, a kinetic, purplish storm of paint, is of cleared land in Pictou County, his wife home territory. out an esthetic moment in this landscape was my challenge a moment still showing the singns of destruction but in the hope of an eventual transformation to the elemental and renewable, he writes next to the painting.

Halifax artist Heather MacLeod confronts an environmental Buy Men Canada Goose Expedition Red Ireland issue in her series of colour photographs of Eastern Shore signs protesting open pen salmon fish farms. The signs, some spray painted, inserted into a pastoral landscape, indicate the impact of man made objects, like signs, on the natural environment, and also the impact of fish farming on the coastal environment.

Studio 21 owner Deborah Carver combines her two passions for art and the environment in a group show, Art + Environment, to Feb. 12.

Illinois artist Thomas Joseph summers in New Brunswick and paints Ephraim Island as a lovely, creamy vision in oil on paper. He cuts into the white water with a brush. It feels like a hot summer day, the island a dreamy mirage. Joseph calls the island near Cape Tormentine favourite place in the world. exhibiting are landscape artists Simon Andrews, Sara MacCulloch and Janice Leonard; the late Carol Mahtab; ceramic artists Judy Blake and Peter Powning, whose large open vessels are directly linked to the land; the late David Sorensen, John Hartman, Raymond Martin, Stephen Hutchings, Susan Feindel and Susan Wood.His busy, scrubbed looking, aerieal view in watercolour, in vigorous purples and reds, twins story with landscape. Titled Marsden Hartley and Alty Mason at Blue Rocks, the picture refers to famous American painter Hartley friendship with the fishing family of Masons in BlueRrocks and the tragedy of the family sons drowning deaths. Brian Burke oil painting, Subsequently burning, suggests environmental disaster wiht a distant burning plume on teh sea.

Raymond Martin pleasent Maree Busse, a lively oil painting of a sand beach with a beacxh fenceand red outlined vegetation like paradise.

Inspired by her trip to the northern Icelandic town of Akureyri, the Montreal artist paints gorgeous, meditative and celestial abstracts.

Fond of light and transparency, Bernier has developed her own technique for work that resembles watercolour but is done in oil with superimposed layers of colours and varnish. She also uses different materials, including tar for poetic and tactile work.

´╗┐Bernier offers mixed media at Studio 21