"Helping improve numbers is the Quail Habitat Restoration Initiative (QHRI), which was developed to benefit quail and farmers in specific areas of the state," Canada Goose Borden Bomber Outlet Ireland according to Quail Forever.

Conservation groups Quail Forever and Pheasants Forever are predicting better quail hunting in Oklahoma this season, but not for pheasant.

Quail Forever touts the Packsaddle Wildlife Management Area for the best public hunting when the season opens Nov. 8.

A drought during nesting season in the western Panhandle will probably cause a drop in bird numbers, according to the Pheasant Forever forecast, but birds in the rest of the state should be near last year's level.

"To date, 40,000 acres are under contract, and 18,000 of those have already undergone prescribed burns, mostly in western Oklahoma."

"You'll have to walk a lot, maybe a mile or more to find birds, but they're there."

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´╗┐Better hunting predicted for quail season

Oklahoma hunters enjoyed an outstanding pheasant season last year, harvesting an estimated 71,000 birds.

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Last year was a downer for Oklahoma quail hunting, but the numbers have rebounded slightly thanks to favorable weather, according to Quail Forever's forecast.