Baboons are the world largest monkeys, filling out in more than eighty pounds (36kg). Despite being about half the size of most humans, canines as average baboon fangs often reach two inches (5 cm) long, even more than the teeth of most adult lions. Despite these sabers apes seem able to kill even more intimidating prey, are used more often in mating season fights between rival males, suggesting that sexual selection was that led to the development of large tusks size. But this is small consolation to those who stray into territory baboon.

Back when the saber toothed tiger was wandering around the earth, the terrifying payara evolved exactly the same weapon for domination of the rivers, but in reverse. Growing along more than four feet (1.2 m), stem payara waters, sinking his fangs from three to four inches through vital organs of their prey. As low dams affected towards the bottom, jaws wrap PAYARA cavernosum. Unlike most with saber toothed fangs remain entirely in your mouth, falling into two holes in the upper jaw. The look awful and the potential danger of a bite of the characin sends shivers down the spine of even the most experienced angler.

The hippo can reach a length of more than five meters (5 m), and can put on an incredible nine thousand pounds (4,000 kg) in weight, making it the third most massive beast lands. The hippopotamus (to avoid contentious plural) also has the largest canines of any land animal, with two teeth like swords to the tune of sixteen inches (40cm) in length. Essentially, it is a river monster trucks with oversized teeth capable of running through two human beings in one bite. And grew up thinking that crocodiles were our greatest enemies in the Nile In one notable case, a tour guide was partially eaten by a hippo, and his arm was lost. And in a fascinating twist end, genetic research has shown that these saber toothed creatures are relatives of whales, instead of pigs as previously thought.

With a name like that, anything is possible this is a fish that does not want to meet in a dive trip. Reach over two feet (60 cm) long, these inhabitants of tropical reefs can be found in shallow water. Are known to fiercely defend their territory from intruders, including human explorers. Triggerfish Teeth its purpose is to crush rock hard coral are surprisingly strong and powerful, and seems almost human like. Triggerfish Teeth are unusual in that line still extremely thin. This makes them exceptionally strong, but they are also extremely strong and resistant to damage.

This is the only species extinct in this list. The helicopron was a shark, a twenty foot (6 m) long, which used its enormous teeth in a different manner from that of any known living creature. Muscle is attached to a circular mouth apparatus shark prey soared and shred into small pieces, as well as an actual chainsaw. The strange form of shark teeth was misunderstood by scientists for years, before the strange and disturbing truth was finally revealed. Teeth (5 cm) over two inches is squeezed into a downward spiral, which ensures that the dam broke in pieces with great speed.

At first glance, the Goosander looks like a typical waterfowl, but when feeding ducks in the pond, you may not want to offer his hand to members of this unusual species. It extends from the peak are more than one hundred fifty sharp teeth, bent backwards, so you can cut through the bodies of fish like a hot knife through butter. A bird with teeth always going to be an anomaly, but even more disturbing, this dinosaur Duck can often saw small mammals, and even other birds, as if it were some kind of aquatic raptor.

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Helicopron (The Chainsaw Shark)

There are some so strange and disturbing start to question how evolution managed to create these creatures. The four species of extremely strange babiroussa possess weapons, with which they carry out acts of aggression. Originally from , these deer not only have large lower canines that curl, fang like, on the upper jaw, but his upper canines are also backwards, the lower linkage with curly tusks to the head. The men cut each other with their swords during mating disputes vicious. The upward direction can be effective in combat, but if you do not grind the below, which can grow in the animal skull with fatal results.

The of the sea mythical status was granted by explorers and researchers, until such time that the odd creature was properly documented and found to be real. In a strange twist of physiology, this relatively small, thirteen feet (4 m) long whale developed a lethal top of his head, which could be used during territorial disputes and in self defense. Sometimes used to break the ice in the Arctic whale habitat. In a departure from the standard of symmetry in the animal kingdom, huge weapon is actually a narwhal tusk to change the angles front and extends through the front of the animal. The narwhal has other teeth in the jaws of funny, but sometimes left canine decision can sprout a second sometimes, of the same length as the first.

The fact that an animal is a herbivore never tempts you to the belief that there is a danger to you. Some herbivores still have canine teeth especially heinous. Take the familiar and seemingly indifferent dromedary, for example. Although this species has been used as a pack animal and herbivore, lips lurk those impressive teeth that reach more than three inches (7.5 cm) long. With these massive jaws and sharp teeth, it easy to understand how the owners have been killed, sometimes in his sleep by camels with a mind for revenge. It is within their power to crush a human skull. Fatal bites, such as that recently reported in China, may also occur during the mating season, when the are on the defensive and territorial.

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Deer Yes, Sabertooth. The idea is so strange and frightening that one might be tempted to dismiss it as fantasy. In fact, several species of ungulates known as deer native to Eurasia, have huge tusks which develop from canine tooth growth. Musk deer Canada Goose Buy Constable Parka Ireland fangs extend several inches beyond the lower jaw. Unlike the distant past infamous cats, musk deer go into battle against other males with their sabers canines sink in the other during the mating process. The creatures are genetically distinct from cervids (deer true), and are named after the powerful odor producing to mark their territory.