Kim Stanley, manager of health, safety and environment at Vancouver Pile Driving, said Transport Canada and the Canadian Coast Guard approved the plan to transport the decontaminated barge to Vancouver, where it will undergo repairs.

Vancouver Pile Driving's barge, which carries a crane, broke loose in high winds early Sunday morning. The barge ran aground on the flat, sandy and rock strewn beach of Plumper Bay, which is ringed by Esquimalt Nation on one side and Songhees Nation on the other. Sunday and skimmed the water's surface throughout the night. By Monday afternoon, about 27,000 litres of diesel had been recovered and the marine portion of the cleanup was deemed complete.

The flushing won't cease until the shoreline is cleaned according to strict provincial and federal standards, he said. Smaller localized booms will be put in place to capture run off as significantly oily areas of the shoreline are flushed.

´╗┐Barge that dumped fuel in Esquimalt Harbour being towed to Vancouver

Low pressure water flushing of the beach is underway and is expected to take "at least a week or two," Stanley said.

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The cost of the cleanup is unknown at this time. Under federal policy, the polluter is responsible for paying, said Leanne Shaw, spokeswoman for Vancouver Pile Driving. A Fisheries and Oceans Canada prohibition on harvesting fish species in Esquimalt Harbour remains in place.

Clams, just one form of fish and shellfish in the area, will also be sampled for possible contamination, he said.

Meanwhile, sediment and water samples are being taken to monitor any contamination. Those results are expected by Thursday, Stanley said.

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A Canada goose and three goslings were found covered in oil from the spill, but were deemed to be only "lightly impacted," said Michael Lowry of Western Canada Marine Response, which is heading up the marine response and cleanup.

The booms put in place to contain Canada Goose Victoria Parka Outlet Ireland the spill are also being taken away.

A construction barge that dumped up to 30,000 litres of fuel into Esquimalt Harbour was towed to Vancouver on Wednesday night for permanent repairs.