The bird has become like a mascot to Cheap Baby Canada Goose Elijah Bomber Blue Topaz Ireland the 3M employees. Because the top portion of its bill is missing, it has difficulty picking food up off the ground the way a normal goose would. Dominguez thinks it is a birth defect.

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Dominguez started the search for a new home for Baby last September, and got a few e mail responses, but her computer crashed, taking along the information with it. So she has started her search anew.

WARE A local woman is scrambling to find a new home for Baby, a disabled Canada goose that will soon be without anyone to feed him when the company she works for in Southbridge relocates this fall.

been feeding him for almost four years. He been here ever since. Our company is definitely moving in the middle of October and we afraid that without human supplement he will starve to death. He can forage in the winter, said Dominguez, who described the goose as and not aggressive.

'Baby' the disabled Canada goose needs a new home

She said it doesn migrate and in the winter lives in the canals near 3M, taking refuge near a steam vent for warmth.

was on death door and it was starving, Dominguez said this week.

Now, with 3M set to move to Auburn in October, Dominguez is looking for a suitable new home for the bird.

They aren certain but they think Baby is a he because it was seen trying to unsuccessfully court a female last year. She said he like a outcast among other geese.

Jo Ellen Dominguez, a quality documentation coordinator for the 3M company, said about four years ago, the little goose with the deformed bill caught the eye of a coworker.

In the mild months, Dominguez said the goose can eat longer grass and grains. She said they feed him cracked corn in a coffee can and peanut butter sandwiches. She said he appears to only be able to fly 3 or 4 feet.

feel bad moving him, but we know he will starve to death otherwise . He a free range bird and we like to keep him that way, Dominguez said.

Submitted photoBaby, a disabled Canada goose that is used to being hand fed and has become like a mascot to 3M employees in Southbridge, is in need of a home because the company is relocating in the fall. The top portion of its bill is missing, and it has difficulty picking food off the ground.

It was the middle of winter and it was hanging around the parking lot. No other geese were around.

She said she would like to see him placed at a farm with other fowl that has a pond and a fenced in area, so he would be protected from predators. She said she tried wildlife rescues and zoos, but no one wants him.