In a word, I was extremely warm. Mind you, I didn't actually go out of the store, but still!

Ha, ha, ha! Just a little Grey Cup humour there. In fact, I strongly recommend everyone buy as many tickets as they can afford.

"I learned about that when I sat on a Styrofoam toilet seat at a camp north of the Arctic Circle in Sweden. The moment I sat down, I realized what a great insulator it was!''

Giesbrecht, a professor of thermophysiology at the U of M, recommends fans (a) avoid drinking, (b) "put lots of clothes on,'' and (c) bring along a one inch thick piece of Styrofoam.

Cheap Women Canada Goose Resolute Parka Bonfire Ireland

And I'm not saying that just because the organizing committee bought me a condo in Hawaii. But let's see if we can get back on topic.

"We have all kinds of technical underwear," Robinson boasted. "For the Grey Cup, I would recommend a heavyweight Smart Wool underwear ($89.99)."

Now, I realize most of you fans are stuck on the "avoid drinking" bit, but here's what the professor had to say about Styrofoam:

´╗┐Beating the big chill

Trust me, nothing takes the fun out of a football game quicker than having someone in your section especially you dying a cold and painful death.

4) Really Hairy Hats At this year's Cup, I strongly advise you to wear a dead animal on your head. I opted for a lovely rabbit skin aviator's cap ($55.99) but the beaver chapeau ($93.99) was extremely chic.

"Most people have a good parka,'' Robinson said, "but they forget about their hands and feet. If you can get a portable heat source to take with you, you're going to be that much more comfortable."

I'm not kidding here. These babies ($29.99 a pair) run on two D cell batteries and feature two temperature settings.

3) State of the Art Undies It's this simple: If you want to have a good time, you're going to need exceptional underwear.

But, thankfully, that is not my point. My point is that you are clearly going to need some helpful hints on how to stay warm at the Grey Cup.

Oops! As you may already have noticed, those are, in fact, statistics about killer bees. But, had I been able to find some, I'm sure the weather statistics would have been just as alarming.

5) Other Stuff During my visit to SIR, I tried on Baffin Technology boots ($114.99 and rated to minus 100 degrees), a Canada Goose Expedition Parka ($499.98), Rocky Mountain Bib Cheap Women Canada Goose Resolute Parka Bonfire Ireland Pants ($348.99), Raber Hy Arctic Extreme Gauntlets ($88.99) and Bolle Jinx Pro Goggles ($139.99).

"We sell hundreds and hundreds of pairs of these," Terry Robinson, general manager of SIR, tells me.

I don't have any formal medical training, but I believe you'll get more out of your Grey Cup Experience if you can avoid freezing to death.

Here are just a few of the indispensable items I found at SIR Sports Store on Ellice Avenue to help you beat the Big Chill at the Big Game Sunday:

For example, I'm thinking Tip No. 1 would be: Stay at home and watch the game on your big screen TV.