The waterfront trail is a wonderful place for the public to walk, roller blade or whatever. My daughter, who lives in Toronto, has joined me in the summer months to walk from Princess Point to Bayfront Park. She has said people in Toronto would give anything for something like it.

Having said that, the Waterfront Trust has approached expansion with dictatorial powers, encroaching on private property such as the West Harbour marinas and boat clubs, Leander and the Royal Hamilton Yacht Club, without enough thought to security for these people, who are now vulnerable to the same vandalism that was suffered by the boat owners at LaSalle Park Marina.

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And now the Trust is proposing grandiose plans to construct huge condos at a cost to taxpayers of $80 million plus. As always, costs will likely end up double the original projection.

´╗┐Avoid Waterfront Trust 'mess'

Before our vacant headed councillors get us into this mess, they should look after getting the water treatment plants in perfect order so residents don't have to put up with the mess storm after storm. Also, quit bellyaching about funds from the federal government when you can find this kind of money to play around with. It might clear some of the fog out of their heads.

Where do these pipe dreams come from? Have they not seen the derelict apartment buildings at the foot of John Street North? Persuade a developer to buy those, clean them up and reinvent them into lovely condos. They would have a great view Men Canada Goose Expedition Navy Outlet Ireland of the harbour.