Signing up to the project and pregnancy treatment is easy! Simply speak to your Community Health Worker (CHW) or contact your local health facility. To find your nearest participating health facility please use the below map (Fig 1).

What is Prevention of Mother Child Transmission of HIV ?

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Your treatment pathway (Life cycle)

Sauri MVP want to improve pregnant mother attendance to antenatal and Men Canada Goose Hybridge Jacket Red Sale Ireland PMTCT appointments and have partnered with CHW to provide them with the technology to aid them in visiting and reminding patients of upcoming appointments. It is hoped that patient attendance can be improved by having patient face to face reminders. These will be performed by the CHW in advance of the patients upcoming appointment. CHW will additionally visit patients when they have missed an appointment, to check upon the health of the patient. Through increased attendance we expect to improve overall patient care by enabling health workers to have a engaging relationship with the patient and a better understanding of the patients needs (requirements) [2].

For more information on APAS mobile health see our mobile health page

The purpose of the MVP is to improve the communities standard of living by developing its infrastructure through programs that seek to improve food production, safe water sources and the advancement of health care and education. [1]

Antenatal care is treatment provided to pregnant women which can detect, treat and prevent health problems potentially incurred during the pregnancy. The WHO recommend that a pregnant mothers receive a minimum of 4 antenatal appointments [5].

The Sauri APAS Project is set up and operated by the Sauri, Kenya Millennium Villages Project (MVP).

What is Antenatal care and why is it important to you?

Additionally 2 weeks prior to the expected birth date, a text reminder will inform the CHW to visit the mother to review the birth plan and provide counselling [2].

Its Target is to work towards achieving the United Nations and World Health Organisations (WHO) goal of successfully stopping the increase of mother to child transmission (MTCT) of HIV by 2015 [3] [4].

Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission is proven treatment designed to reduce the risk of HIV being passed (transmitted) from mother to child by 25%, reducing the babies risk of infection from 30% to less than 5%.

´╗┐Because Every Child Counts

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Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) targets the immune system and weakens people defence systems against infections and some types of cancer [9]. HIV increases the patients risk to further infections and diseases, which would normally not be of concern to a healthy patient [9]. This makes it a leading health concern for local, national and global health organisations. Together we intend to fight back [4].

Following step 8, if the patient fails to visit, a text message will be sent to the Community Health Worker (CHW) to follow up with patient. If following this reminder the patient fails to show for 2 weeks to any of the health facilities, APAS will automatically flag the patient as a missing from their planned course of treatment. This flag is removed upon the patient re attending the clinic.

Importance of diagnosing and treating HIV.

For further information on HIV and how we fighting back, see our HIV page

Its Aim is to use technology to aid in providing personalised care through a pregnancy treatment plan (Antenatal Care), while reducing the potential risk of newborn babies receiving HIV through a set program (PMTCT Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV).