At first glance, it would appear that the 2015 Ticats coaching staff is virtually identical to the 2014 version. But while most of the faces are indeed the same there's only one addition and one subtraction there's a subtle shift in emphasis toward an often overlooked part of the game.

"When I looked how we could strengthen the overall complexion of our staff, this was the best way to do it," said Austin, who spent five seasons coaching in the NCAA before coming to Hamilton. "I think that model is more appropriate, especially when you're in a game where it's so important. It puts a proper emphasis on it."

Zamberlin is the only remaining member of the 2012 staff that served under Women Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber Brown Ireland Online George Cortez, and this will be the first time the Ticats go back to back seasons with the same head coach and co ordinators since 2010. In an off season that has seen an unusual amount of turnover in the coaching ranks around the league, only the Ticats and the Riders last year's Grey Cup opponents will enjoy that level of stability.

"It's something that we believe in quite a bit, but it has to be continuity for the right reasons," Austin said. "Staff turnover and volatility isn't good. If you have guys that you believe in and are doing a great job, I need to find a way to retain them."

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´╗┐Austin tweaks Ticats coaching staff

"We're not cutting ties with Paul. Paul will have an ongoing involvement. He will be always involved with this organization," Austin said. "We don't have any specific role yet, but we've had several discussions about it. This was not a severing of relations at all."

"I've spent a number of years building programs, recruiting players and developing talent, so there's a network there," Zamberlin said. "I know people in the NFL, scouts and other people that can help us find good players. This a is a different challenge for me, and I'm looking forward to it."

And Austin says the man known as Ozzie will still be around in some capacity.

Given that focus, the departure of kicking coach Paul Osbaldiston would seem counter intuitive, but Austin says that the man who set most of the team's scoring records during his 17 year playing career was made obsolete by the signing of American kicker Justin Medlock, who neither wants or needs much by the way of guidance.

The Ticats have moved more resources into special teams by devoting not only co ordinator Jeff Reinebold to the kicking and coverage units, but giving him added resources in John Zamberlin and newcomer Marcello Simmons, both of whom will serve assistant coaches. college football, multiple staff members are expected to help out on special teams, not just the co ordinator.