There are a tremendous number of modifications you can make to your project. For example, while your CubeSat won be launched into space, you can send it up in a weather balloon. Of course, if you want to gather data, you need a radio instructions for which I give in my next Instructable.

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Choosing a launch site can be tricky. First, you want plenty of open space. Second (and very importantly, you want to stay legal. This means staying out of the way of aircraft a challenging task in big cities! While laws may vary from place to place, keeping the payload under the weight of a Canada goose is generally going to make life easy. (You really don want to know why.) It is always good to let ATC (air traffic control) know your plans before launching, and they might even give you some times for your launch. Our first launch only resulted with one visit from the police who wanted to know that our balloon was tethered so it would stay less than a kilometer from Women Canada Goose Hybridge Lite Vest Topaz Sale Ireland the ground, but this was in downtown Toronto near a flight path to the international airport.

One low power radio to use is a bluetooth transceiver, but the range is only about 100 meters. You can increase your range to several kilometers using a higher powered radio from Xbee. And, if you are ambitious enough, you can add the ability to capture data on a memory card for you to download once you find your balloon.

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Step 6: Expanding the project yourself! (add your own ideas)

The opportunities are limitless! Once you start adding your own modifications to your CubeSat (a camera, for example,) you'll find whole new perspectives on your world you can share with others!.

As for other projects, we only included two sensors (light and temperature). A quick search on the Internet reveals other sensors you can use barometric pressure, humidity, magnetic force, and the list goes on!